The Award


Our objective

Our objective is to recognise wellness impacts in the global spa industry. This awards platform will forge ties for the global spa ecosystem, Indian Wellness secrets, traditions, massage techniques will be imparted on the awards platforms, this awards is the first global recognition from India.

Awards and Category

We will evaluate the top 10 spas in each of these categories.

Organic Spa 

Best Organic Spa (Region wise )

Signature  Treatment 

Signature  Treatment (Region wise )

Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurvedic Spa-( Region wise )

Eco Spa

Best Eco Spa

Beach Spa

Best Organic Spa (Region wise )

Mountain Spa

Best Mountain Spa

Hotspring Spa

Best Hotspring Spa

Hotel Spa

Best Hotel Spa

Sustainable Spa

Sustainable Spa

Spa Skincare Brand 

Spa Skincare Brand (Region wise)

Hospitality Travellers Experience 

Best hospitality Award - Travellers Experience Award,

Luxurywellness Editors Choice

Best Spa Editors Choice

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Emerging award platform that aims to recognize and catalyse the growth of the industry. We intend to identify and promote excellence within the Global Spa industry and nurture it in unprecedented times .